Digital Transformation Consultant Programme

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Become a trusted advisor to the C-suite of a business looking to go on a transformation journey.

5 Day – AI Digital Transformation Course, for Consultants and Senior Advisors with Niall McKeown of Ionology.


AI and Chat GPT is Changing Digital Transformation Advisory. This Course Teaches You How To Deliver Impact, Fast.

There’s an urgent global need for adept business transformation consultants and senior advisors who can harness emerging technology to drive meaningful, sustainable change within organisations.

This course is designed to equip you with precisely these skills. Crafted by seasoned, hands-on consultants, this isn’t a theoretical rehash of white papers. It’s hands-on, real-world training, delivered by experts with a proven track record in successful consulting ventures.

Whether you’re a business, tech or communications professional looking to enhance your current role or contemplating a career switch, this course is tailored for you.


What is included?

  • Lectures conducted, live over Zoom.
  • 5 consecutive days 8am-3pm.
  • Ionology Certificate In Digital Transformation Consultancy
  • Includes slide deck for consulting
  • Includes unique world class digital transformation frameworks
  • Inspirational case studies
  • Commercial proposal templates and examples
  • Free subscription to Propulsion data insights platform
  • Learn how to find new clients, consult and deliver rapid transformational value


Further details available on the Ionology website HERE



  • Business leaders, managers or decision-makers
  • Technologists that are seeking a more senior role
  • Career switchers wanting to become consultants
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to be transformation advisors
  • The course is not technical, however understanding modern technology is helpful, not essential.



  • Learn how to link data, AI, innovation and business transformation in a single coherent business conversation
  • Create insights rapidly and steer the conversation using data
  • Become relevant to senior leaders. Gain ‘Trusted Advisor’ status
  • Learn how to pitch, win and deliver digital transformation projects
  • Understand what it means to consult and lead in the digital economy
  • Study rapid data-enriched, purpose built digital transformation frameworks and deliver insights, fast.
  • Accelerate transformation projects by identifying and removing transformation challenges before they happen
  • Move gracefully between technology tools and business strategy
  • Build recurring revenue into your current business model


Who Should Attend & Why? – Video with Niall McKeown


12 Modules Delivered Over 5-Day Intensive.

  • Module 1 – How to Be a Digital Transformation Consultant
  • Module 2 – How ChatGPT is Transforming Consulting
  • Module 3 – Frameworks for Consulting on Transformation
  • Module 4 – Essential Data for Strategic Decision Making
  • Module 5 – Operating Models, Roles & Business Structures
  • Module 6 – Roadmapping, Obstacles, and Solutions
  • Module 7 – Leveraging the Benefits of Emerging Tech
  • Module 8 – Deep Dive into the Business of LLMS and AI
  • Module 9 – Accelerated Digital Innovation
  • Module 10 – Building a Culture of Innovation
  • Module 11 – Building Revenue, Adding Value
  • Module 12 – Creating a Movement of Change


Funding Eligibility

Applicants must be currently residing in Ireland and working in a private or commercial semi-state organisation registered in the Republic of Ireland(Business, Consultant, Freelancer) to avail of the grant-aided fees. As a government-funded training network, we can only support those meeting these criteria.

Non-eligible for funding please contact Ionology directly to attend HERE


Academic Eligibility

No requirements. Technology skills helpful but not mandatory.



Full Fee/Private application: HERE    $2,995

Grant-aided fee with ICT Skillnet -April 2024: €2320*

*Must be residing in Ireland and working in a private or commercial semi-state organisation registered in the Republic of Ireland.


Dates: April 8th – 12th 2024

Time: 8 am – 3 pm

Duration: 12 Modules Delivered Over 5 Intensive Days.

Venue: Zoom

Bookings: Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria(See Eligibility and Fees). Please select “Make an Enquiry” and complete the form, ensuring to clearly state your current employer/company name located in Ireland.

Please note: We have very limited availability and payment must be received to secure your place. For Credit Card payments stripe charge applies.


Company Application

If a company would like to send multiple employees-

  1. Contact to advise the number and names of employees attending.
  2. Ask each employee to complete the booking form above. Each employee is to select “My Company” for the invoice and “Pay via EFT / Cheque”  under the payment section.
  3. We will confirm the approved names supplied by the organisation and issue a single invoice from our accounts department.


Digital Transformation Videos

Below is a selection of webinars from 2020-2022 including the fantastic Digital Transformation Tuesdays Webinar series all hosted by Niall McKeown.

The topics discussed are still relevant today and we invite you to view our playlist below or via the direct links.

1.  A Business Guide to Leveraging Data

2. How Digital Innovators Win

3. A Non Technical Guide on Preparing for AI

4. How to Win In The Digital Economy

5. A Non-Technical Guide to Building a Resilient Digital Business

6. How to sell more in the Digital Economy


Bespoke In-House Engagements Case Study

To date 700+ organisations have participated in various industry workshops on the whole area of Digital Transformation/Artificial Intelligence/Automation. We can work with your business directly to help you navigate your Digital Transformation journey.  Contact us to find out more.

Read the TG4 case study to see how their journey started with us.