CPD Global Business Services (GBS) Graduation 2019

CPD Global Business Services (GBS) Graduation 2019

Congratulations to all 29 participants on their successful graduation from the CPD Diploma in Global Business Services (GBS) in Technology University Dublin.

The diploma programme, run in collaboration with The Hackett Institute and Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet, is the first step in the newly developed MSc in Global Business Services and the first ever in Global Business Services to receive academic accreditation.

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CPD Global Business Services (GBS) Graduation 2019 Dr. Katrina Lawler


The Ceremony

The ceremony was addressed by Dr. Katrina Lawlor, Dean TU Dublin College of Business, who congratulated the students and acknowledged their significant achievement.

Dr. Lawlor recognised that the combination of full-time work and intensive study was a major commitment and warranted commendation.

The certificates were presented by Dr. Lawlor along with Ben Hartfield from The Hackett Institute who also presented Hackett GBS certificates to the graduates.

CPD Global Business Services (GBS) Graduation 2019 damien hilliard

Damian Hilliard of Hertz and Chairman of The Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet Steering Group paid tribute to both the students and their employers for their participation in the programme. He said that as Ireland continues to be a leader within the Global Business Services Sector currently employing over 40,000 people, the importance of this programme could not be underestimated and encouraged all employers within the sector to support this important initiative as it delivers positive outcomes of real benefit to employees and employers alike.

Paul O’Reilly, Head of School of Management, Technological University Dublin addressed the attendees and acknowledged the support of both the IDA Ireland and the American Chamber of Commerce Ireland. Both bodies were instrumental in introducing the programme to their member companies who included Pfizer, Citibank, Cook Medical, Eli Lilly, Hertz, Ingersoll Rand, Integra Life and Oath, and he thanked them for their support and participation.

CPD Global Business Services (GBS) Graduation 2019 gold medal


CPD Global Business Services Gold Medal Award

Congratulations to Aideen O’Connor of Pfizer who was awarded a TU Dublin gold medal in recognition of achieving first place on the CPD Diploma. The GBS award was presented by Miriam O’Keeffe from the American Chamber of Commerce Ireland.


Global Business Services Intake

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