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What is Global Business Services (GBS)

Global Business Services encompasses the collective set of resources, capabilities and systems (the service delivery model) to deliver support services such as IT, Finance, Human Resources, Procurement, Supply Chain and other business processes across an organisation on a global scale, on an end to end basis, using multiple service delivery models, including elements of Shared Services, Centres of Excellence and Business Process Outsourcing.

Global Business Services Vs Shared Services

Simply put, Global Business Services is the evolution of shared services.

Shared Services means shared resources delivering a service to business units and corporate HQ in order to achieve economies of scale through consolidation and generating value by process elimination, simplification, standardisation and automation. The focus is on reduced FTE and sometimes labour arbitrage.

Business Services is about generating bottom line value by a commercial approach – it’s a mindset change. This value is often by a high multiplication factor, many times that of FTE and labour arbitrage savings. With GBS, consistency is achieved in supporting the target operating model for all support functions

Agility is an important aspect of Global Business Services.

Being agile and having the flexibility to adapt is paramount to success and stability for any business in the current marketplace, and the Covid crisis has underpinned the importance of adaptability.   At its core, GBS supports this. Of course to stay on top of the modern demands of business, GBS itself has had to adapt. It can be considered a facilitator of smart automation, as shown in this report from 2019. GBS is evolving continuously by using both data and automation, amongst other tools.

This evolution of GBS and the wider ramifications in tech has led to many career opportunities and career changes –  particularly within Ireland.

The Irish Case – Global Business Services

“If we are to ensure that Ireland continues to be seen as a value destination for inward investment from countries such as the US, we have to develop our strategic capabilities even further including our technology and our expertise. There is no doubt this will result in many more opportunities for Ireland in this space.” Miriam O’Keeffe, American Chamber of Commerce.

With an educated workforce, in an English speaking EU country, Ireland’s reputation as a place to do business has grown and improved significantly over the years. With the evolution of tech in Ireland, this has led to the adoption of many global business centres across the country.  These business centres are typically operated by multinational companies.

And so new rewarding career opportunities are emerging for the Irish workforce; but we need to have the right skills and capabilities in place in order to meet the changing requirements of these centres.

Introducing the MSc in GBS

The MSc in GBS has been meticulously designed to take you to the next level and master the inner-workings of GBS. As an updated and revamped programme – it is tailored specifically to people in management roles or anyone who is preparing for such a role.

The course covers all the fundamentals, from the service delivery model, service management to transformation management.

In addition to developing these essential GBS competencies, the MSc in GBS will also cover core soft skills, such as decision making, innovation, critical thinking and leadership.


Msc in GBS


Benefits of the MSc in GBS

  • Online delivery. Gives flexibility and of course during this trying time, best social distancing practices are adhered to. (Depending on the situation, there will be a return to blended learning, including face to face working sessions, when conditions permit)
  • Career progression. Want to lead a single or multifunctional team in a GBS environment? You’ll be equipped from the start to hit the ground running and drive your career forward.
  • Learn from pros. The course will be delivered by Subject Matter experts in their fields.
  • Networking opportunities. You will get to know other ambitious, like-minded peers.
  • Reduced annual fees. In recognition of the success of the GBS programmes to date, additional funding has been made available resulting in lower costs and saving you or your organisation money.
  • Boost your C.V. With internationally recognised qualifications, professionally and academically, your CV will stand out.

Brought to you by TU Dublin (City Campus) and The Hackett Institute, (the professional education arm of The Hackett Group), this world-class course is the result of a truly unique collaboration.

In conclusion

Do you want to develop your skills to be a successful leader in GBS? Are you looking to have a formal education from an internationally reconised university? Do you want to kick-start your career and really stand out and improve your career opportunities in this fast growing GBS market?

If the answer is yes, and you want to find out more about our next course starting in September 2020, then please visit our website or contact us.