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Do you work in a small or medium-sized company that struggles to innovate? Usually ideas aren’t a problem and you probably know that you want to adopt innovation to grow the business… but maybe you don’t have the tools, processes, people or quite simply the knowledge and experience to do this?

Or maybe you’re just not sure where to start? What is the first – and best – practical step you should take to turn a raw idea into something plausible and implementable in the business? And how can you avoid the risk of creating problems that might follow you for years to come?

The reality is that these are questions that many businesses in Ireland face. Whilst the importance of innovation cannot be understated – developing a culture of innovation and successfully delivering the necessary changes can be a major challenge.


Introducing the Innovation Skills Programme


Putting a new asset on your balance sheet – “Innovation”

The Innovation Excellence programme is exactly that; it instils innovative thinking and best practice in terms of implementation – into the heart of your company; a vital skillset in the current economic landscape.

Over the course of 12 one-day workshops, a team from your staff will have the opportunity to take part…and ultimately the techniques they learn can have the power to transform your business.

There are 3 core parts of the Innovation Excellence Programme

  • Idea Formulation (2 Workshops)
  • Concept test (4 Workshops)
  • Solution Development (6 Workshops)

The programme starts with abstract ideas and finishes with practical solutions for your business.


Some of the Benefits of the Innovation Excellence Programme

  • You’ll have the opportunity to work 1 to 1. This means specific tailored feedback and guidance that is relevant to you and your organisations unique situation.
  • While working alongside other SMEs and learning from them, you’ll also have the opportunity to work 1 to 1. This means specific tailored feedback and guidance that is relevant to you and your organisations unique situation.
  • You’ll have a ready-made framework and innovation playbook which you can use again. Knowing that you’ve been through this process before – breathes confidence & certainty for the future.
  • You’ll be much more knowledgeable and competent when approaching innovation in your company. This ultimately means company growth and greater success.


Innovation is everything

Developing the motivation and the appetite to innovate can sometimes be a challenge. But make no mistake – Innovation is crucial in all organisations. Often a business will reach a certain level in size and revenue, but there is no progression from there. Hitting the metaphorical brick wall of stagnation is a frustrating experience. It is here where innovation can kickstart greatly an organisation.

Innovation is a long-term investment that when done correctly – pays great dividends. It’s ultimately an asymmetric investment for your company.


It’s Specific to your company

Innovation does not have necessarily mean you’ve to develop the next Facebook or Google. It can be quite simplistic yet powerful. The innovation skills programme looks at your company – its structure, history, goals and objectives and through the 16 weeks process – you’ll be given a framework and a practical approach to implement an innovation project. Maybe there is a better way to work? It could be that one tweak in how you deliver your product or service that might make a massive difference…

The programme is based on the understanding that it’s not one size fits all. It operates around where your organisation as it at this point in time. It’s been created to generate fundamental change which will give a real Return on Investment for your organisation.


For more information on the Innovation Excellence Programme , do not hesitate to contact us.