Is the Coronavirus really an opportunity in Disguise? Rethink your Career


Man Career change during covid


“In the midst of Chaos, there is opportunity” Sun Tzu

The pandemic has taken Ireland and the world by storm. Our lives have turned upside down on so many levels. One of the biggest implications has been the unemployment situation. The most recent figures suggest that Ireland has reached up to 26.1% unemployment.

These figures are humbling.

Maybe you are one of those people who have lost their job? Or maybe your hours are reduced? Or like so many others, you are now working from home?

An opportunity in disguise?

Whatever your situation might be, you probably have one important asset that you didn’t have pre covid – More Time.

No socialising. No sports. No commutes.

But… there’s more time.

Time gives you the opportunity to reflect. The opportunity to look inward and assess everything; both personally and professionally.

From the career side of things – it’s an ideal time to critically think and reflect on your career and what you are doing.

Are you happy in your job? Are you eyeing up a promotion? Or maybe you’re thinking about a complete career change?

To Evolve or not to Evolve

The people who will come out on top of the post pandemic world are those who can adapt. While it would be nice to turn back the clock a few months; we can’t. Instead we must deal with what the present situation has brought us.

Among the difficulty of covid19 lies an opportunity to reset. To reassess where you are and where you’re going. Here is your chance to change your career direction for the better.

How to know if a career change is right for you?

There is no blanket answer to this question. Your personal situation is different to the next person. There will always be certain variables that will have to be considered.

That said – your own gut and intuition will more often than not let you know if a new move is the right decision.

Know thyself

Above all else – be true to thyself. Famous words. And while it may seem obvious, think hard about your natural strengths and interests. If you’re not sure; consider a personality test. There are different ones online that can help you hone in on your natural talents.

When thinking about a new job or industry – the key thing is coming from a place of genuine interest… and finding something that naturally aligns with who you are as a person.

Because if you enjoy your work, not only will the work be more satisfying… but you’ll be much more likely to be successful in it.

Self-Awareness = better decision making.

Testing the waters

So what’s the best approach to searching out the right direction and finding a job that gives you a sense of fulfilment and personal satisfaction?

Test. Test. Test.

If you have no experience in an area you can’t know what you like or don’t like by guessing. You can however get a sense for it through experience and exposure.

Let’s say you are interested in software development. A quick and easy way to determine if this is up your alley is to take a free online course. There is an abundance of resources online. While the free courses will not cover the entire spectrum or set you up for a job… it will give you a taste.

Beyond this -Talk to fellow piers working in the field. Research.

You will know intuitively if you are on to something or not.

The balance: Job Prospects & Personal Fulfilment


head or heart: find the balance in your career

Ok so you think you may have identified an area that you would enjoy. A job where Monday Morning does not invoke fear but rather excitement.   Great.

But let’s make sure there is work first.

In general, tech and digital roles are only on the increase. It’s estimated that tech now accounts for more job vacancies than it did pre lockdown.

But to get a good idea – head straight to Google and see what comes up.

Check out the different job sites. There should be no shortage of information.

LinkedIn is also great place to research.

Below is an example of the search results for jobs in cybersecurity in Ireland.

Clearly there are opportunities in this area.



(Side note: LinkedIn is a great tool for Digital job hunting!)

In summary, do your research. See if it’s an area that you think you might like but also determine if there are concrete career opportunities. If it’s in the realm of tech – there will be.


Post- Covid World – How will you shape up?

The pandemic will pass.  By choosing to upskill you are giving yourself the best possible opportunity to succeed in the post pandemic world. Getting to know yourself and your natural strengths, weaknesses etc will give you a major advantage. You can then go about upskilling in strategic way.

One that gives you both financial rewards AND job satisfaction.

The world is on pause.

You have time.

How will you use it?

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