Kubernetes Masterclass with Ben Straub

We are delighted to announce that Ben Straub will be flying in from the US to run a 4-day Kubernetes masterclass starting 1st April.

Ben is from Portland, Oregon and he has been writing great software for over 15 years now. He’s a certified Kubernetes administrator and has also worked as Kubernetes application developer. Ben is also a published author and he co-authored the hugely popular ‘Pro Git’ with Scott Chacon. His most recent release ‘Building Tools with GitHub – Customise Your Workflow’ is also proving very popular in the development community.

Ben loves to pass on his knowledge and he regularly speaks about Kubernetes and Python at training workshops and events in the US.

Ben is affiliated with GuruTeam, the only Linux Foundation certified partner in Ireland, whom we have partnered with to run the course.

A Brief History of Kubernetes

Kubernetes was originally designed by Google in mid-2014 to manage large scale applications and it is now maintained by the Linux Foundation. It’s development and design are quite heavily influenced by Google’s Borg system. Originally Kubernetes was called Project Seven and the seven spokes in the logo are a reference to the original name.

What can Kubernetes do?

Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerised applications across multiple hosts. The platform is extremely flexible and it facilitates large scaling without the need for a large increase in an operations team. It eliminates many of the manual processes involved in deploying and scaling containerised applications. Kubernetes works with a variety of container tools, including Docker.

Kubernetes has a number of interesting features and can be thought of as:

  • A container platform.
  • A microservices platform.
  • A portable cloud platform.

It provides a container-centric management environment where it orchestrates computing, networking and storage infrastructure on behalf of user workloads. Kubernetes orchestration allows you to build application services that span multiple containers, and to schedule those containers across a cluster, to scale the containers, and to manage the health of the containers over time.

With Kubernetes you can:

  • Orchestrate containers across multiple hosts.
  • Make better use of hardware to maximise resources required to run enterprise applications.
  • Control and automate application deployments and updates.
  • Mount and add storage to run stateful apps.
  • Scale containerised applications and their resources on the fly.

The Masterclass

The course runs for four days and it is ideal for Kubernetes administrators who are looking to build and maintain a Kubernetes cluster and for people managing admins.

It’s the course you won’t want to miss if you plan on taking the CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administrator) exam.

Ben will be discussing Kubernetes fundamentals including the various objects and ideas that you’ll be working with, ongoing maintenance and upgrading of the cluster, along with some more advanced topics such as how-to roll out applications under that cluster so that it is doing something useful.

Over the four days Ben will be running some hands-on laboratory work where participants will build their own Kubernetes cluster and will discuss how you can manage access to that cluster considering a variety of security concerns.

More details on what Ben will be covering.

Registration Details

The Kubernetes masterclass takes place in Dublin starting on 1st April.  Email us now to book your place.