Student Stories: Olive McLoughlin – Diploma in Global Business Services

Our CPD Diploma in Global Business Services has been designed for associates to gain valuable skills to progress in their careers. During the course, participants cover four key areas – finance, human resources, procurement & supply chain along with IT. We caught up with one of our recent graduates, Olive McLoughlin, to find out a bit more about her time on the course.


Olive, how did you hear about the GBS Diploma?

I heard about the CPD Diploma course through my manager who was taking part in the GBS Post Graduate Certificate. I was immediately interested in finding out what the course was about and how it would benefit me in my career.

Having been with Integra for 6 years in our Dublin Shared Service Centre, I felt the diploma would be an ideal opportunity for me to learn more about Global Business Services (GBS) and that I’d be perfectly positioned to apply the skills learned on the course right away in my day to day activities within the workplace.


What aspects of the GBS Diploma course did you enjoy?

As part of the course we used a learning platform for completing online E-tivities. I found this tool very useful and the E-tivities interesting. I participated in online forums with my student groups and got the chance to share my knowledge, experience and views. I also learned a lot from my fellow students around current economic topics like Brexit and the outcome it might have on industries globally. A really good tool and opportunity for networking and sharing ideas.

I also thought that the online Hackett training was very beneficial and it coincided perfectly with the DIT program for completing E-tivities and assignments. I found that reading a module and taking the Hackett online test along with completing assignments, helped to pull all the elements of the course together.


What elements of the GBS Diploma could you apply in your job?

Using the Hackett syllabus and other learning materials provided me with great tools and techniques to help me complete mini projects in work. For example, I used the Six Sigma Kaizen approach to help identify bottlenecks for Vendor invoices and to implement a solution.

Also, whilst completing the course I was working full time on a project implementing Oracle R12 across EMEA and the modules covering projects were very applicable. They helped me understand the day to day life of our project and the expectations for the staff and impact for our stakeholders.


What’s next for you Olive?

Well I’ve just completed the CPD Diploma in Global Business Services at the end of May this year and I plan to continue with my studies and enroll in the second year of this course, The Post-Graduate Certificate. I think the second year will have more depth and will help me take the next step in my career. I’m looking forward to continuing the GBS journey.


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