New Year, New Career?

Winter can be a bit grim! Especially if you don’t feel you’re in the right job or haven’t found your mojo career-wise just yet. But what if you could work in Technology, doing exactly what you love, with the latest technologies and set yourself up for a financially rewarding career?


You might be put off by the recent press about the tech sector down-sizing and job losses. But don’t be! In reality, Ireland is at almost full employment and there continues to be a significant shortage in Technology skills across many disciplines. And the Irish government has shown their commitment to supporting the development of the right skills into the future, in its Technology Skills 2022 paper.


If you take a decision to change direction or upskill in 2023, then suddenly the year ahead looks a lot more exciting – with change comes optimism. You’re sure to find the ray of sunshine needed to beat the January blues!


Why not?


Technology Careers – Choices, Choices


So, if you’re still reading this – then you probably have found yourself without either the time, the money, or enough energy to achieve your career goals in your current circumstances. And the start of a new year is a great time to remember that you do have choices. Sit down, have a coffee, think about what you’re really interested in and do your research on what the options are.

The Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet website is a great place to start.


Here’s a run-through of some of the most popular areas of expertise that you might be interested in……


AI Courses in Ireland.

Artificial Intelligence is predicted to reach a market size of over 1.5 Billion dollars by 2030. So if you want confidence in your earnings power in the years ahead – this is a field worth looking into. Applications are already bedded into sectors like Pharma, Fintech and Cybersecurity. So it offers plenty of choices when it comes to the demand for expertise. Check out a blog we wrote recently for an overview of this field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – What is it and How do I learn it?

Interested? Take a look at Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet’s AI courses kicking off in 2023.


Cyber Security Training – from start to finish!


If you’re concerned that you’ve already been left behind by the tech world, and it’s too late to get involved now – don’t be! We offer Cyber Security courses for all skill levels, from cyber security training for beginners to a Master of Science in Cybersecurity that’s kicking off in 2024 so you’ve plenty of time to get your head around the idea! So, there’s something for everyone to gain skills at the right level. Starting from scratch to study a new field where you have little or no experience can be daunting, but research shows that learning new skills can really boost your mental wellbeing by boosting your confidence and giving you a new sense of purpose. For those who are a little bit further along their journey, the Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity can take your career to new heights, opening doors that might have previously seemed locked.


If Cybersecurity is an area you might be interested in, you can view our upcoming courses here. And learn about the Masters here.


We also provide a CEDT Course, which works fantastically as a “stepping stone” into Cybersecurity.


Leadership in Technology


Maybe you want to work on a more strategic level and you’re ready to take a leading role in an organisation. Great – Lead the Way! Our MSc in Leadership, Innovation and Technology (Blended Learning) is kicking off in Sept 23 – so again you have time to look into it and work out if it’s a good fit for your career. The course is mainly online so you can learn in a very flexible manner. A qualification in leadership shows your commitment and passion for your role and it will give you the tools to manage teams and drive projects and organisations in the right direction from a Technology perspective. Of course, many of the influencing skills that you will learn in this course could help you personally as well as professionally.


Other Technology Course Choices


Of course, there are many other “hopping” Technology fields that you might consider including Blockchain, Cloud, Quantum Computing and more.


Don’t let 2023 end up looking the “same as” 2022 when it comes to your Technology experience and skillset. Take the opportunity to learn some new skills, enjoy studying with others and get supported by expert tutors. Invest in yourself!

Check out our wide range of courses available today!