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We’ve all met people we admire, who are excellent at what they do, have the right attitude and tons of experience and are committed to their work. Yet despite their background and skills, these same people may find themselves over-looked for promotion and disadvantaged when it comes to career progression and professional development – because they lack a piece of paper!


Formal education with the necessary and relevant qualification is becoming a standard requirement for many roles. As a result, when a capable, experienced person looks to progress their career through further academic studies, they can find themselves blocked off at the pass, as they fail the basic entry requirements for that course. This may require a formal qualification at a certain level e.g. a primary degree, which is Level 8, for example. This might be the case even though they have acquired extensive expertise in that filed, through practical experience. RPL has been introduced to help people and academic institutions deal with this challenge, to open up opportunities to study that have previously been denied to very worthy candidates.

What is RPL?

Essentially RPL (recognition of prior learning) is a process that allows an individual to gain admission to a programme of study or to gain exemptions/credit from some parts of a programme. This is based on demonstrated previous learning that the person may have achieved through previous work experience or through another programme.

However to succeed in his/her application, the prospective student has to make a formal  RPL submission to the relevant academic institution and this can be daunting for someone who has no experience of the process. This is where professionals in Talent Management, HR, Career Coaches and other relevant disciplines can help breach the gap in expertise. By upskilling in RPL processes, professionals in this field can assist individuals to make a successful RPL submission and navigate – and ultimately open up new doors of opportunity for their careers into the future.

This programme will position you to bridge the knowledge gap between an RPL submission and someone’s career aspirations. A successful outcome can really make a difference in a person’s life and career, and you can be the driver of that success.


Introducing the Recognition of Prior Learning Programme


Adding to ICT Skillet’s growing list of courses, the Recognition of Prior learning programme is an exciting new programme tailored to get you up to speed with the processes and successfully implementing RPL submissions.

Professionals and influencers working in HR, L&D, Career Guidance, life coaching or in management should consider this programme, as it helps you to develop core skills that are already in demand but are also going to become increasingly important into the future.

Consisting of four tutor-led workshops over three months with additional online learning activities and materials – you will have the opportunity to help people make a significant jump in their careers through your extensive knowledge of RPL submissions for academic institutions.

What are the benefits for you?


  • Drive your own career. By building expertise in this field and helping others to achieve their career goals – you have more to offer in the workplace
  • Gain a qualification with no exam stress – the assessment will be continuous through practical assignments. At the end of this process, you will be awarded a QQI Level 7 Special Purpose Award (15 ECTS).
  • Acquire practical knowledge and not just theory – you can hit the ground running with an RPL submission.
  • Get more job satisfaction by becoming a qualified mentor in RPL submissions
  • Be part of the solution by helping to ensure prior experience and learning is recognised.

These transferable skills are invaluable in an ever-changing modern workforce.

RPL is about helping committed people achieve what they rightly deserve and have worked for. If you’re interested in bringing your expertise to the table, to help others navigate this hurdle to further education, then check out our course programme here.