Global Business Services (GBS/Shared Services) Skills Career Pathway Programme

The Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and the Hackett Institute have come together to create an exciting new GBS Skills programme that is both supported and funded by Skillnet Ireland, IDA Ireland, American Chamber of Commerce in Ireland and Technology Ireland.

This is the very first fully accredited third-level Global Business Services (Shared Services) programme of its kind worldwide. The programme is of national importance and will maintain and grow Ireland’s fantastic GBS (Shared Services) talent pool and its reputation on a global scale.

Like many industries, GBS (Shared Services) has undergone and continues to undergo change at a rapid pace as new technologies impact the workflows and productivity. Ireland is recognised as a world leader in relation to GBS (Shared Services) and this programme has been developed to solidify this positioning and set the foundation for continued employment and growth in this market, in Ireland, for years to come.

The GBS (Shared Services) Programme Pathway

The GBS pathway consists of blended learning so there will be online classes, virtual learning, face-to-face on-campus lectures and meetings, relevant current case studies, interesting exercises, indepth discussions and much more – all designed to support the learner. Participants will also be able to access a wide range of resources through Hackett’s Online Content pool.

There are no examinations and learners will be continuously assessed throughout the programme. Participants will have full access, both remotely and on campus, to DIT’s extensive library to help complete assignments and carry out research.

In total there are four different courses being launched:

  1. CPD Diploma in GBS
  2. Postgraduate Certificate in GBS
  3. Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced GBS
  4. MSc in GBS

GBS Professional Career Pathway in GBS

Course 1: Continuing Professional Diploma in GBS (Shared Services)

The CPD Diploma in GBS is aimed at entry-level associates who wish to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of Global Business Services/Shared Services. The course is divided over two main areas:

  1. Generic Global Business Service Controls, Tools and Techniques
  2. Service specifics

and is split over 4 key modules:

  • GBS Models and Governance
  • GBS Management
  • GBS Finance and HR Activities and Processes
  • GBS IT and Procurement / Supply Chain Activities and Processes

Course 2: Postgraduate Certificate in GBS

The Postgraduate Certificate in GBS has been carefully designed for GBS (Shared Services) Centre managers and those in team leadership roles or employees getting ready for such a position. The programme equips the learner with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage single or multi-functional teams in a GBS (Shared Services) organisation.

The course is split into four cutting edge areas:

  1. Strategy and Information
  2. Placement and Process
  3. Organisation and Governance
  4. Service and Transformation Management

Course 3: Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced GBS

This is a Level 9 Postgraduate Diploma and aimed at the Global Business Service management teams and senior stakeholders who have a deep knowledge of the industry. A large proportion of the course will be delivered online with 4 days of on-campus lectures at DIT Aungier Street.

The Diploma in GBS is split into 4 topic areas:

  1. Strategic alignment
  2. Service delivery – placement and process
  3. Service delivery – leadership, organisation and governance
  4. Service and transformation management

Course 4: Master of Science in GBS

The MSc in GBS is also aimed at the GBS management team and senior stakeholders and a prerequisite for candidates applying for this course is the completion of the Postgraduate Diploma in GBS.

The course is project based and participants will review and agree a consulting project with a sponsor from within their own organisation. The project will enable the learner to both deepen  their own knowledge to expert level and also to have a positive impact on their own company.

Apply Now

If you are interested in applying for the GBS (Shared Services) Skills Career Pathway Programme applications are now open and if you require any more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.