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MSc in Leadership, Innovation and Technology

Time to kick-start your management career and take it to a new level? This exciting Masters programme will cover all the key areas in leadership, innovation and technology and takes place primarily online.

MSc in Global Business Services

This 2 year programme is aimed at senior managers and centre managers with team lead responsibilities or those preparing for such a role. It is grounded in expert knowledge and will provide in-depth training on the key activities and skills required to run single or multi-functional teams within a Global Business Services environment.

MSc in Fintech Innovation

This innovative online MSc in Fintech Innovation will equip graduates with critical insights into Fintech across the key pillars of finance, technology and innovation.

Higher Diploma in Fintech

Our Higher Diploma in Business in Finance & Technology is a conversion course into the FinTech Industry - a one year course, delivered 100% online, designed to equip you with the core knowledge, skills and competencies to pursue a successful career as a FinTech professional in the financial services industry.
September 2024

Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology

Learn how to prepare your company for the blockchain revolution. Module 1 - Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology - can be used as a stepping stone to our Postgraduate Certificate in Blockchain.
To be confirmed

IBM SkillsBuild

Gain foundational skills to help you prepare for an entry-level job in tech, while earning credentials and getting guidance from technology experts. All at no cost.
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