Global Cyber Alliance Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Business

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Global Cyber Alliance Cybersecurity Toolkit

Free and effective cybersecurity tools to secure your organisation

The Global Cyber Alliance Cybersecurity Toolkit is a free online resource for small businesses to reduce cyber risk.

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Business addresses the most common cyber risks affecting small businesses who conduct any aspect of their business via email or over the Internet. The structure and content of the toolkit enables small businesses to precisely target and resolve common weaknesses so they can focus more time and resources on their core business objectives. Research has shown that implementing these steps across a business can significantly reduce the cyber risk they face.

It is specifically designed for small businesses with clear, actionable guidance, and relevant tools to help protect them from cyber risks faced on a daily basis.

The toolkit guides the user through six best cyber hygiene practices including

  • taking an inventory,
  • applying security updates,
  • utilizing strong passwords,
  • implementing two-factor authentication,
  • protecting against phishing and malware,
  • backing up data, and
  • protecting email and brand reputation

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Abstract background

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) was formed in 2015 to address systemic cyber risk through a proactive risk-based, solution-oriented approach to address and eradicate malicious cyber risks. It is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to making the Internet a safer place by reducing cyber risk.

They build programs, tools, and partnerships to sustain a trustworthy Internet to enable social and economic progress for all. Through the leadership and vision of each of the founders, they have been a tremendous catalyst to bring an international community together to positively improve our global online cybersecurity posture.

This global organisation has a great partnership network that spans every sector, bringing together partners and professional communities to provide concrete, measurable solutions to reduce cyber risk. From New York, London, Brussels, and around the globe, they unite the best and brightest cyber minds to do good.

Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet is delighted to be working with GCA to bring this important solution to Ireland. Read on to hear how your business can benefit. The only cost to you is time.


Alongside the tools, and accessible from the toolkit, GCA has developed a series of simple mini courses, each lasting approximately 15 minutes. They can be taken at any time and pace to enhance understanding of these risks and their potential impact from a business perspective. These courses also give access to a number of handy downloadable checklists and reference sheets.


The 7 mini courses are:

  • Understanding Cyber Risk for Small Business
  • How to Inventory Your Devices, Apps & Accounts
  • Software Updates & Business Security
  • Creating Strong Passwords & Two-Factor Authentication
  • Protecting Your Business Data with Backups
  • Protect Against Email Spoofs & Phishing


The GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Business is freely available. The toolkit is applicable for any small organisation with limited IT expertise, resource or budget – whether commercial, not for profit or mission-based.


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Abstract background