Webinar Recording: Building an AI Powered Business

Are you looking to embark on a transformative journey into the world of AI and data-driven innovation?

Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet recently held a 4-part webinar series, delivered in collaboration with leading digital transformation agency, Ionology, to empower business leaders, managers, and decision-makers to bridge the gap between strategy, business readiness, and cutting-edge technology. These sessions were not just theoretical discussions but a practical exploration of how these technologies are being implemented and the tools you need to thrive in today’s data-driven business landscape.

Webinar 1: Unlocking the Power of AI – A Strategic Approach

Where do you begin if you want to harness the potential of AI? It starts with identifying the right problems that AI can solve and preparing your leadership for a transformative shift in business operations. In this webinar we delve into the success stories of small Irish businesses that have harnessed AI to drive operational efficiency and gain a competitive edge. We provide both technical and non-technical leaders with a structured approach to assess their readiness and guide them on their journey towards AI adoption.

Webinar 1 Recording

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Webinar 2: Supercharge Innovation with AI – A Practical Guide

AI is revolutionizing innovation, but small businesses often struggle to keep up with its rapid pace. This webinar dives deep into the precise steps that small and medium-sized businesses can take to leverage AI and elevate their innovation efforts. In this webinar we present a compelling case study featuring iQutech, a Limerick-based firm that used ChatGPT to streamline their market expansion efforts in Europe. Discover how you can 10x your innovation efforts through AI and gain valuable insights into practical AI adoption.

Webinar 2 Recording

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Webinar 3: Unleashing Value In Your Company Data

Many businesses possess valuable data assets, yet harnessing their full potential often seems elusive. This webinar is your guide to aligning leadership, strategy, innovation, and technology to unlock the hidden value of your data and gain a competitive edge. In this webinar we dive into the world of Large Language Models (LLMs) and their growing influence on Irish businesses. Explore how you can leverage LLMs to extract value from your data, and even create innovative products and services that incorporate these powerful models.

Webinar 3 Recording

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Webinar 4: Build your AI-Powered Business Strategy

Business strategies now take hours, not days or weeks to create. AI is reshaping how leaders create strategies. It favours a hit-and-move approach to adaptive planning. AI-assisted decision-making favours agile and fearless businesses that want to shape customer behaviours and win market share. In this webinar we provide a unique experience so you understand how to build a business strategy and test new market opportunities, at speed in the age of AI.

Webinar 4 Recording

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Unlock new opportunities with AI-driven digital transformation

Leaders responsible for shaping strategy, will not be replaced by AI; however, leaders that can harness usable AI in their strategic planning will replace leaders who can’t. The future belongs to those who boldly navigate the waters of strategy powered by AI while remaining steadfast in their overarching vision.

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