Steering Group

Our technology training programmes are not just designed to meet the current industry demands, but to also anticipate and prepare for the future. The guidance of our Steering Group ensures that our programmes stay relevant and ahead of the curve, providing participants with the latest and most cutting edge technology skills and knowledge. This group play a pivotal role in being part of our dynamic community, driving Ireland’s tech industry forward, and ensuring  individuals and organisations stay competitive and thrive in an ever evolving technological landscape.  If you are interested in joining the Steering Group, please contact us

David Kendellen

Senior Engineering Manager (Chairperson)

Aidan Lawrence

People Development Operations Director

Una Fitzpatrick


Damian Hilliard

Site Lead & Senior Director Human Resources

Susan Dermody

Learning and Development Manager

Margaret O'Halloran

Vice President, Technology Management

Robert McCarthy

Programme Director Innovation & Business Development

Tony Davitt

Head of Technical Strategy