techBREK network & learn: Creating sustainable tech environments

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March 14th, 2024

08:00 – 10:00

Ibec Offices, Dublin


techBREK network & learn event

Join us for an enlightening panel discussion on sustainable software engineering and addressing climate change through innovation.

techBREK Creating sustainable tech environments with technology Ireland ICT Skillnet

When discussing sustainability in IT, the focus has generally been on the efficiency of equipment, the design of data centres, and the impact of cooling and water usage. What is often overlooked are the workloads themselves, and the applications and services which handle them.

Sustainable Software Engineering is, fundamentally, the application of core engineering principles to ensure services are designed and developed in a manner that considers overall resource use. This approach is essentially doing more with less in order to reduce energy use, carbon emissions and water usage, with positive implications on overall cost of operations. This approach in the context of developing applications and services that could potentially scale to global-level usage, could significantly strengthen broader decarbonisation efforts and allow organisations everywhere greater control and visibility of their environmental impact.

Speakers from IDA Ireland, Liberty IT and National College of Ireland will discuss what sustainable software engineering means in a practical context, with insights from cloud and Web3 experts to understand how they can be applied for today and tomorrow.

This event is a collaboration between Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet and Technology Ireland Ibec

Who is this event for?

This event is aimed at anyone who has a technical or strategic input on organisational sustainability strategy. While it will explore the specifics of software engineering, it will also look at overall efforts for sustainability and where these practices fit within overall efforts, with relevance for ESG, operations, and IT.

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Event agenda

8:00am – Registration and networking

8:30am – Event welcome and introduction

  • Paul Hearns, Blockchain Ireland

8:35am – Presentation: Liberty IT – Sustainable Software Engineering

  • Alan Carolan, Principal Security Analyst, Liberty IT
  • Paddy Burns, Senior Software Engineer, Liberty IT

8:55am – Presentation: Sustainability and the Cloud

  • Dr Horacio González-Vélez, Head of the Cloud Competency Centre, National College of Ireland

9:05am – Panel discussion

  • Karl Kyck, Senior Portfolio Architect, Liberty IT
  • John Durcan, Chief Technologist, IDA Ireland
  • Paula Marie Kilgariff, Fashion 4.0 Entrepreneur

9:25am – Q&A session

9:55am – Closing remarks

10:00am – Event close

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Event speakers

Paddy Burns, Senior Software Engineer, Liberty IT

Currently operating as a Senior Software Engineer with Liberty IT, Paddy Burns has been with the organisation for four years and is the Co-Chair of the Liberty IT Green Scene ERG, an employee-led sustainability advocacy group. Previously working as an Environmental Engineer for over 15 years, Paddy now operates in a space that leverages third-party data to enhance commercial decision making and user experience, predominately utilising cloud capabilities to do so.


Alan Carolan, Principal Security Analyst, Liberty IT

Alan Carolan is a Principal Cybersecurity Analyst with Liberty IT and currently the co-chairperson of the Liberty IT Green Scene Employee Resource Group in 2024. During my time with the ERG I have had the opportunity to present at university and public events, in relation to Liberty IT’s progress in this space and the impacts of climate change on the insurance industry. I am also an EV driver and self-proclaimed renewable energy geek.


Karl Kyck, Senior Portfolio Architect, Liberty IT

Karl Kyck is a Senior Portfolio Architect at Liberty IT and is the exec sponsor of Green Scene, Liberty IT’s sustainability working group. He specialises in platform architecture and design, software testing practices, and software delivery optimisation. Karl creates value for the organisation by building differentiating capabilities and leveraging cloud providers and SaaS offerings to offload undifferentiating work.


Dr Horacio González-Vélez, Head of the Cloud Competency Centre, National College of Ireland

After some twenty years of experience in the technology industry and academia, Horacio joined National College of Ireland (NCI) to start the Cloud Competency Centre in 2012. He directs the NCI’s cloud and data analytics infrastructure, postgraduate programmes, and research & innovation initiatives. He is an academic representative to the Steering Group of Technology Ireland Innovation Forum. Horacio started his career as a true dot-commer working in HPC systems engineering and product marketing for innovation-driven companies Silicon Graphics and Sun Microsystems. He later did a PhD and a postdoc in computer science at the University of Edinburgh.


John Durcan, Chief Technologist, IDA Ireland

John Durcan is a senior Technologist at IDA Ireland. His background is in computer science and currently has four key areas of focus, Semiconductors, Cyber Security, Generative AI and Quantum Computing.

Paula Marie Kilgariff bio image

Paula Marie Kilgariff is a Fashion 4.0 entrepreneur, and an IRL and URL Fashion and retail innovator, uniting sustainability, technology, and fashion. She lectures in university Web3 retail and emerging tech. She has featured in the Top 100 Woman in the Future listings, and is a Techstars Web3 mentor.

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