techBREW: Software Architecture – Citizen as the Service Integrator

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Tues, April 23rd, 2024

18:30 – 20:30

Harbourmaster Bar, IFSC


techBREW networking event

Join us for a lively evening of networking and tech discussion as we delve into the transformative power of verifiable digital credentials and the importance of the role of an architect, and the wider profession, in supporting digital transformation.

This event is a collaboration between Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet and Iasa Global and promises to offer invaluable insights into how these innovations are set to revolutionize service delivery, not just in Ireland but across the European Union.

Feature Talk: Fireside chat with Barry Lowry, Irish Government Chief Information Officer (CIO), on Shaping the Future of Public Service

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the role of the citizen in public service design is undergoing a significant transformation. Barry Lowry, with his extensive experience, will explore the concept of “The Citizen as the Service Integrator,” highlighting the potential of verifiable digital credentials to streamline services and enhance citizen experiences.

This fireside will cover:

  • The Future of Public Service: How digital innovations are paving the way for more integrated and user-centric public services.
  • The Role of Verifiable Digital Credentials: Understanding their impact on service accessibility, efficiency, and security.
  • Ireland and the EU: Real-world examples of digital transformation in public services.
  • Q&A Session with Barry Lowry: A unique opportunity to engage directly with the Government CIO and gain deeper insights into the future of public and private service design.

Who is this event for?

This event is aimed at Business & Technology Architects, Chief Architects, CTO/CIO’s, senior technologists and Business Leaders. The event will discuss in some detail the topic of verifiable credentials, and it will also more broadly discuss the efforts underway in Ireland to develop the profession and maturity of architecture.

Event agenda

6.30pm – Introduction

6.45pm – Fireside chat: Shaping the Future of Public Service

  • Barry Lowry, Irish Government CIO at Department of Public Expenditure and Reform

7.35pm – Panel discussion: Importance Of The Architect Profession

  • Dennis Mulder, CEO and Co-Founder at WVE; Iasa CITA-Distinguished; xCTO of Microsoft Netherlands – LinkedIn
  • Barry Lowry, Irish Government CIO at Department of Public Expenditure and Reform – LinkedIn
  • Gar MacCriosta, Digital Advisor for HSE; IASA CITA-Distinguished – LinkedIn
  • David Jones, Chief Architect at WVE; Country Leader at Chief Architect Forum Ireland; IASA CITA-Distinguished; CIO/Director of IT – LinkedIn
  • Clare Dillon, InnerSource Researcher at University of Galway and Co-founder of Open Ireland Network – LinkedIn

8.10pm – Iasa Ireland plans, 2024 and beyond

8.25pm – Architect certification awards presentation

8.30pm – Closing comments & networking

Event Speakers

Barry Lowry has been the Chief Information Officer for the Irish Government since April 2016 with the primary task of taking forward the Government’s digital agenda. This includes developing the use of shared services, digital ID, digital services and data to better serve the people of Ireland and ensure that Ireland is well-placed to influence and exemplify the EU?s digital ambitions for 2030.Barry is also the Chief Adviser to Government on all Digital matters affecting the State and its citizens. Barry was previously the Director for IT Shared Services and Strategy and Head of the IT Profession within the Northern Ireland Civil Service. He is a Fellow of the Irish and British Computer Societies, a former winner of the BCS Northern Ireland IT Professional of the Year and in 2017 he was awarded an OBE for services to the Government and IT Industry in Northern Ireland.


Gar Mac Críosta is an IASA certified architect and spends much of his time trying to figure out what being a sociotechnologist is; so he can be one. He regularly engages in humane human experiments and is very certain that he spends most of his time being uncertain. Currently (since March 2020) he is the Product Lead for the COVID Tracker App in the Health Service Executive (HSE) in Ireland ( a COVID-19 pandemic response app. Gar has worked as a Digital Advisor to the CIO in the HSE since early 2019. Gar is the founder of Business Model Adventures and has been an active contributor to IASA Global since 2006, developing & delivering education and certification programs. Gar has facilitated the development of change programs with C-level executives, senior managers, technology leaders, and executives in the areas of business model innovation, digital strategy, architecture, and design across various indus­tries. Gar is a Certified Architect Professional (IASA CITAP), a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society, a LEGO Serious Play Practitioner (LSP) and in the process of becoming a Cynefin Practitioner.


Dennis Mulder, a seasoned technology strategist, is passionate about driving innovation and transformation. His expertise lies at the intersection of business and technology, where he shapes the future of digital landscapes. With a diverse background spanning over 25 years in IT, including 16 years in Cloud Computing, Dennis has held various technology leadership roles. Throughout his career, he has driven impactful initiatives and fostered strategic partnerships across multiple industries. Previously serving as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Microsoft Cloud Technologies in the Netherlands, Dennis closely engaged with Microsoft’s enterprise clients. His guidance helped these organisations realise the full potential of the Microsoft platform. Currently, Dennis focuses on leveraging his extensive experience to drive strategic Business Technology Strategy through Architectural Excellence as the CEO and co-founder of WVE, a consulting firm. Dennis’s mission is crystal clear: to unlock new possibilities for organisations by implementing strategic technology strategies that leverage architectural excellence. As a Certified Distinguished IT Architect (CITAD-D) and President of the Netherlands chapter at Iasa (a non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing the IT architecture profession), he is committed to fostering a community of excellence and professional growth.


David Jones is a trusted advisor navigating stakeholders through business technology strategy to laser focused execution to achieve one’s business goals and maximise the value of the investment. Passionate in architecture excellence and people leadership to achieve successful and sustainable outcomes, David’s experience spans a range of sectors from Financial Services including Insurance, Banking and Fund Management to Systems/Software Services including Telecoms, Transport and Space. Engaged CxOs at Opco, Regional and Global levels, Heads of Functions, IT Leaders and Third Party Suppliers. Certified Distinguished Architect, Fellow of the Irish Computer Society, achieved Global Architect of the Year Award and educated to Masters Research level. A regular contributor to the industry locally and internationally for the Architect Profession through teaching, mentoring, coaching, board certifications and building the local community of Chief Architects.

Clare Dillon has spent over 20 years working with developers and developer communities. She recently founded the Open Ireland Network, a network for organizations and individuals on the island of Ireland who want to connect around Open Source Software, Open Hardware, Open Data, Open Research, Open Government and all things open. Clare also works with InnerSource Commons, a global non-profit dedicated to creating and sharing learning to help the adoption of InnerSource, the use of open source practices within organizations. Before that, Clare was a member of Microsoft Ireland Leadership Team, heading up their Developer Evangelism and Experience Group. Clare also works with to support the establishment of University and Government Open Source Program Offices globally, that can collaborate to implement public policy and trustworthy public services. Clare is currently a member of the industry expert group for the Technology Ireland Innovation Forum and frequently speaks at international conferences and corporate events on topics relating to the future of work, innovation trends and digital ethics.

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