5 Tech Trends to Watch in 2023

2023 – Kicking Off the Year with Innovation

The pace of change is so radical in technology these days that it’s hard to predict trends for a new year. But we thought we’d have a stab at what you might expect in 2023; here’s some things to look out for.


AI Trends – A Bumpy but Widening Road

One of the main issues with Artificial Intelligence is the lack of understanding around it, which leads to a lack of trust. However, this is largely due to there being a multitude of different areas within AI. Lately there has been a mass rush by companies to buy up AI and ML Projects and implement AI into their products. With this widespread scramble, one would think that any issues with AI will quickly be addressed. Unfortunately, this won`t be the case, and AI issues causing problems now will still be around for a good while to come – we all know from passport control queues that Facial Recognition and how it operates in practice still has a way to go for example. With so many different areas of AI opening up, there are more avenues for problems but the reality is that these problems can create new work opportunities. ICT Skillnet offers a number of Master’s online courses in AI and its many facets. See more details on our AI Courses.


Cybersecurity – A Look to the Cloud

With more and more companies using a cloud based-platform, or implementing cloud-based computing to their current system, this field is the new way forward for both data storage and computing systems. With this new approach, in time a lot of critical data will be stored on these systems – which brings the need for improved security. In 2023 and beyond, there will be a significant demand for improved cybersecurity systems that will be tailored for Cloud security. As many organisations are mainly concerned about issues such as data loss, leakage, privacy, and confidentiality – there will also be a big need for client input in implementing systems that secure data effectively. So cloud security will be a hot topic in 2023 and demand for related skills is likely to grow. (If you’re thinking about a career in cyber security then consider one of our cyber security courses)


Blockchain – A Continual Development

With some scepticism and misunderstanding around blockchain’s use beyond  cryptocurrencies, the practical use for distributed ledger technology may move past just the idea of concept in 2023. With trends moving toward the deployment of hybrid and or multi-cloud in blockchain deployment along  with greater interoperability – Blockchain is something that will continue to evolve in the coming year.


Software Development & IoT Trends

The market for IoT is always breaking new ground, with the amount of connected & communicating devices increasing daily. IoT has been a huge component of software trends for many years, allowing for a very close relationship between the two.  The number of connected devices is predicted to reach 20.4 billion by 2020, which means the avenue for development in IoT software will increase exponentially. With these ever-growing opportunities in IoT software, this is really a software trend to get to grips with. ICT Skillnet offers a wide range of courses in this field of growth.


5G – Always Moving Forward

It seems not-so-long-ago that 4G was the new broadband technology on the scene, but ultimately the evolution of technology marches on. 2023 is the year where we`ll see the continuation of 5G slowly being rolled out, even if 4Gg isn`t completely worldwide yet. There will be limited opportunities for development at first, but 5G is set to open up and really bring in a new age for both IoT technologies and Broadband networks. Watch this space – fast! There Will Be 1.9 Billion 5G Cellular Subscriptions by 2024.

Overall, technology is in an exciting place right now with many new trends coming down the line. And all of these trends will create job opportunities. If you would like to learn more about courses that will keep you bang up to date with the latest tech trends, then please contact us.