Calling all job seekers looking for a new career in tech

If you’re unemployed and looking for opportunities in the tech world, we have a free training initiative designed specifically to help you kickstart your career.

A sad state of affairs for job-seekers? Not for Techies

We know it’s not always the easiest out there for job seekers. The good news is if you keep an open mind around upskilling and the opportunities this might open up for you, then there’s every reason to be hopeful. This is especially true for the tech sector, which is always a high growth area.


I’m interested in Tech, but I have no experience?

It’s a very reasonable and rational concern. Likewise you might be thinking about the financial cost in upskilling or the daunting thoughts of starting over again from scratch. But the reality is that it’s not always the case, and the Future in Tech programme offers the dual benefit of being both free and helps you develop the skills to quickly move into a brand new area. Whether you are starting or changing careers, you can always pave a new path with a little planning.


Introducing the Future in Tech Programme

Future in Tech is a FREE upskilling training and mentorship programme, developed to help non-tech jobseekers quickly and easily learn new digital skills and access new job opportunities. Developed by Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet and co-funded by Skillnet Ireland, this is an exciting opportunity for ambitious job-seekers. Not only that, there’s a lot of options – so you can find the right fit for your aptitudes and interests.


So what can I learn on the Future in Tech programme?

There are 9x tech skills pathways to help non-tech jobseekers rapidly and easily develop new digital skills and access new job opportunities.:

  • IT Technical Support Specialist
  • IT Networking Specialist
  • Cloud Practitioner
  • Digital Marketing Professional
  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Data Analytics
  • Helpdesk Analyst


Each programme is unique and presents a very viable and real-world route into engaging and rewarding career paths for the right candidates.


Advantages of the programme

All in all, it’s an ideal learning environment to get you up to speed in your new chosen pathway.

  • It’s completely free
  • Industry accredited qualifications
  • Access to expert guidance and support in helping you land your dream role and hit the ground running.
  • Networking opportunities to meet like-minded people who can help drive your career forward.
  • Mentorship programme with a number of top companies.
  • It’s practical. 


Who is the Future in Tech free tech training programme for?

This programme is ideal for those who are unemployed, don’t have a tech background, and are ambitious people who want to take charge of their career and life by starting a career in tech.


Your Future in Tech is Now

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