Cyber Security Skills Creating Work Opportunities

Cyber security and data protection are hot topics at the moment and neither issue is going to dis-appear anytime soon. Companies are investing in cyber security and are acquiring the necessary skills to protect their customers data.


Cyber Security – Work Opportunities

Because Cyber security is more relevant and more challenging than it ever has been, companies are keen to strengthen their inhouse skills and capabilities – to tackle any threats and to make sure they have effective systems in place, in this context. With every new threat or new attack, the demand for cyber security professionals increases and this is good news for skilled job seekers.

In fact, employers are struggling to find new recruits quickly enough. The ISACA has predicted that there could be a global shortfall of up to two million cyber security experts by 2019. Research by the recruitment firm found that in Ireland, the demand for security experts greatly exceeds the supply. At the time of the report, Ireland had the second highest volume of open positions in the security area globally.

So it’s a great time to upskill and people are starting to take advantage of the opportunities in the jobs market – with an increasing number of available roles being filled year on year.


Consumers Demand Increased Security and Privacy

Consumers are a big driver in changing cyber security practices and many are now demanding that organisations do more to protect their data.

A survey by IBM found that the publics opinion of data privacy isn’t particularly good. Only 20% of respondents in the US felt they ‘completely trust’ organisations to keep their data private. 75% of survey participants revealed that they wouldn’t buy from a company if data privacy was a problem.

When you consider all the factors at play it’s easy to see why cyber security professionals are in big demand. And with some of the high profile data breaches in recent years, the spotlight is firmly on increasing security – with potentially significant financial repercussions for companies not upping their game.

No business is immune – from multi-nationals to small firms – all organisations who suffer breaches tend to lose significant revenue.

Large healthcare organisations, financial giants, professional services and global manufacturing firms especially need to invest in cyber security experts to help keep data safe, as much of the information they deal with could be highly sensitive.


Enhance Your Cyber Security Skills

If you are interested in upskilling and obtaining the latest cyber security skills or you want to work in an organisation where data security is a high priority, we run a variety of training programmes in this area.

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