Deep Dive into Ethereum Blockchain Ecosystem

ethereum course
Companies are seriously looking to Blockchain technology to process, validate or authenticate transactions or other types of data exchanges in a more secure and scalable way. There are a wide-range of open-source projects that are available to developers, with two of the leading platforms being Ethereum and Hyperledger.

The exponential growth and adoption of Ethereum’s blockchain technology has led to its essential developer tools like MetaMask and Truffle have been downloaded by nearly 1 million users, which make up a wider developer community that is 30 times larger than the next largest blockchain community. With over 500 members as a part of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance and such a high demand for blockchain talent, it is no wonder that so many developers are being drawn to the Ethereum ecosystem.

In this context, Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet has appointed ConsenSys to deliver a 5 day Ethereum Developer Course beginning on September 17th. The Course will be delivered by ConsenSys Academy who are developing the global blockchain ecosystem by bridging the Ethereum knowledge gap. These dedicated educators have the proven practical and academic experience to deliver a world class course.

Lory Kehoe, Managing Director of the ConsenSys Dublin Innovation Studio is proud to support ICT Skillnet in offering a course to enable developers to immediately gain the core skills necessary to build dApps and support enterprise technical implementations. “ConsenSys has been working with the IDA as part of the Irish Blockchain Expert Group and one of our key goals is to position Ireland as a Centre of Excellence for blockchain technology, with a view to creating jobs in Ireland. We developed short-term, medium-term and long-term goals and our Ethereum Developer Course – delivered through Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet – is an initiative which highlights what can be delivered quickly to upskill developers in this field.”

There is already a huge demand for developers with Ethereum blockchain skills. “Ethereum is the platform of choice for many applications these days and the growth in demand for skilled developers in this field is significant. The ConsenSys Dublin Innovation Studio has grown from a team of 10 to what will probably be about 100 within 14 months – so it’s an exciting area to grow a career – with plenty of opportunities out there. Of course, the growth is global so these skills will open up international opportunities too.”

Why Choose the Ethereum Developer Course?

This course is for software developers who want to take a comprehensive deep dive into all aspects of the Ethereum blockchain technology platform and its related smart contracts, and applications that interact with it. The training will allow participants to develop the core skills for Smart Contracts and DApps development, including key topics like security, gas optimisation and testing.

Although it’s essential to be a software developer, this course will be just as useful to young graduates as it will be to industry veterans. “Any software developer who wants to specialise in this field and position their career in Blockchain will find the course invaluable. It’s not a whistle-stop tour – it’s a highly technical hands-on course that will cover all the core skills for Smart Contracts and DApps development. Participants will have a good working knowledge of Ethereum, and the skills to code Smart Contracts and implement them into web interfaces. This is a world-class course, and participants who are committed to upskilling, will see the opportunities in Blockchain – and will enjoy this intense learning experience!”

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