Want to inspire the next tech generation? Consider becoming a tech mentor!

Become a tech mentor with Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet

Are you an experienced professional in the tech sector looking to make a lasting impact as a mentor?

If you ever considered becoming a mentor, you couldn’t have a better opportunity than through the Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet ‘Future In Tech’ initiative, where we support people out of work and with no tech background to develop the right skills to access new opportunities and start a career in tech and ICT…the perfect place to lend your professional expertise to a newcomer.

Recently, we on-boarded our fifth cohort of participants, affording over 300 jobseekers and individuals returning to the workforce the opportunity to develop critical skills across eight in-demand tech role profiles, to access new opportunities and kickstart a brighter future. Upon graduation, these individuals will significantly benefit the Irish tech-talent pipeline – but they need your help!

Why become a tech mentor?

  • Nurture emerging talent: Provide unique insights, learnings and support to those starting off on their journey in tech.
  • Create new connections: Meet new people, get new perspectives, and become recognised as a leader in your industry.
  • It’s good to give back: Helping others in your industry can have a massive positive impact on your own personal growth.

Who are we looking for?

If you are working in Software Development, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing or Web Development, and want to elevate your professional impact, we would like to hear from you. You do not require previous mentoring experience!

How much time will mentoring take up?

Just 1hr every fortnight, from March until the end of June 2024, to guide and inspire emerging tech talent.

Become a tech mentor on the Future in Tech programme

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A transformative initiative: About Future in Tech

Future in Tech is a reskilling initiative from Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet, offering 9x certified Tech Skills Pathways to help jobseekers with no tech background rapidly develop digital and tech skills so they can access new roles and career development opportunities. Future in Tech is part of the Skillnet Ireland Skills Connect programme, which facilitates the rapid reskilling of workers seeking re-entry into the workforce.

Participants on the Future in Tech programme are also provided with career support services, focused on improving the specific skills needed to become more employable and helping candidates find digital and tech-based jobs that align with their skills, experience and personal goals.

Become a tech mentor on the Future in Tech programme

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