The Importance of Upskilling: Education after Education


“For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Learning is inevitably an ongoing life-long process so think of it as a journey of discovery and formal education is only one section of the road-trip. In fact the more fascinating part of your journey is likely to happen after you’ve left school or graduated with a primary degree – these moments in time may present important cross-roads on the trip; but they are only a dress rehearsal for the real learning to come; exciting times ahead!

Yet too often, society mistakenly categorises learning and upskilling as something reserved for our school or college days. But things move on so fast and since we are in the eye of a storm in terms of tech evolution, it’s a great time to think about upskilling and to consider the real benefits for you into the future; not just in your career but in your life.

Technology is changing…Fast

Trying to stay on top of the latest trends in the tech space is no easy feat. It takes curiosity and dedication. What worked last year, may not work today.
However, while it’s clear that the tech skills required to work in the modern economy are rapidly evolving… we often approach our jobs with an outdated mindset – a job for life and willing to stay inside our comfort zone.
But If you work in tech and want to continue to work in tech – Digital upskilling is not only a prerequisite to success but fundamental to survival.

Digital Upskilling Gives You Options

Beyond just staying relevant and up to date in your field – it gives you options. If you are looking to climb the ladder internally or if there are other possibilities externally, then upskilling will serve you well.
As an employee, your marketability is paramount. Stagnation on your CV and limited professional growth will not help your job prospects or promotion prospects. Upskilling is seeing around the corner and being prepared for any opportunities that may come your way.
The economy may change. You may have bad luck and become redundant. But your skills and knowledge will remain present. Upskilling is an investment in your future.

Personal Fulfilment

Upskilling not only gives you a clear advantage in your field, but interestingly it also gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself even better. If you are up learning something new, there may be a chance for self-discovery. Trying new things ultimately gives you a better picture of your own strengths and weaknesses. With this self-awareness – you can approach your professional life with new strategic insights about your capabilities and preferences.

The Domino Effect

Rest assured, taking the time to upskill is not purely a selfish act. There are positive consequences for your employer and family. By upskilling you are likely to increase your productivity and this can improve both profitability and competitiveness for your employer. And of course in these times when tech skills are really hard to find; upskilling current employees often makes more financial sense than recruiting new people.
Beyond the benefits to you and your company, there is also the wider economic affects. Given that we are in a digital revolution, for Ireland to remain attractive as a country for investment – having a workforce that is ready to meet the demands of a 2020 marketplace is essential for us to fuel the economy and to attract FDI. Having an educated workforce that’s dedicated to self-education is an attractive attribute for commercial interests. Upskilling in Ireland allows this to happen.
And then there’s the potential increase in your earnings – by improving your skills you will be in a better position to increase your earnings and to keep relevant in the jobs market. Your financial stability can have a positive impact on family members who may depend on you. So it’s not just all about you!

Networking – Meeting Like Minded People

Often upskilling gives you the opportunity to meet the right kind of people in your industry. Whether that is an experienced course leader or a fellow ambitious student, both can add a lot of value to your learning experience and plans for the future. Having the right network in place is fundamental for your professional (and personal) growth.
While meritocracy is generally alive and well in this country, the right contacts will always be of tremendous value. For this reason, upskilling can give you access to better relationships and a better network. No person is an island – so try to develop those soft skills as you upskill.

Final Words on Upskilling

As the saying goes, the best investment you can make is in yourself.
In Japanese business culture, there is a very important word: Kaizen. It basically refers to the philosophy of continuous improvement. By becoming more knowledgeable and efficient, you are not only safeguarding your career but giving it all the power it needs to drive forward.
You are your most important investment. So prioritise yourself!

If you are interested in upskilling in any of our courses, then please get in touch with us.