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Digital Linchpin

If you want to test the value of an idea, make innovation real and ultimately digitally enable your organisation - and your career - this is the course for you
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Digital Transformation Consultant Programme

Designed to help business professionals or technologies to become trusted advisors to the C-suite within their organisation. This 5 ay programmes covers the key information required to get started in Digital Transformation.
September 2023 - Course Duration – 5 days

Agile Sprints for Strategic Growth

The Agile Sprints for Strategic Growth programme is designed to be run alongside your normal business operations. It is aligned to your risk appetite with a heavy emphasis on the risk / reward balance of outcomes and is designed to deliver tangible results that are strategically enhancing and capital accretive.
These programmes are held every month.

IBM SkillsBuild

Gain foundational skills to help you prepare for an entry-level job in tech, while earning credentials and getting guidance from technology experts. All at no cost.
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