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Digital Linchpin with Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet

Abstract background


Stimulate Change & Enhance Your Career.
Everyone comes up with great ideas.  Bringing ideas to life within your organisation is often a trickier challenge!  In this self paced, concise course, we look at how you can show leaders that there’s a better way  to digitally transform the business.  If you want to test the value of an idea, make innovation real and ultimately digitally enable your organisation – and your career – this is the course for you.

Learning material created by Niall McKeown – Digital Transformation Strategist, Author, Lecturer, Keynote Speaker, Business Owner & Creator of Ionology’s Digital Transformation Frameworks.

For more information on the topics covered please see Modules tab below.



Start Anytime

52 Lessons (3.5 hours of video content)


Module 1.0 – Background & Case Study

1.1 Introduction to Digital Linchpins

1.2. Educate | Innovate | Activate

1.2.1 The Digital Divide – Get Educated


1.4. Digitising | Digital Transformation | Hyper Automation

1.5. Course Curriculum- What Has Yet To Come

1.6. From ChatGPT to Innovation and Adaptability

1.7. Define “Digital Linchpin” + Skills Needed

1.8. Digital Linchpin Case Study – Lowe Corporation

1.9. Interview With Linchpin, Orla McGreevy

1.10. Interview with CEO, Rachel McCausland

1.11. Chapter 1 Quiz


Module 2.0 – Mindset & Strategy

2.0 Introduction

2.1 Topics & Strategy

2.2 Defining Digital Transformation

2.3 Creating the Digital Mindset

2.4 Is your strategy, strategic?

2.5 Case Study of a CTO and non-strategic digital transformation

2.6 What The Experts Say

2.7 Rapid Diagnostic Tools

2.8 Recap

2.9 Mindset & Strategy Quiz


Module 3 – Engagement

3.0 Introduction to Engagement

3.1 What is a Grievance?

3.2 Identify the Opposition

3.2.1 Create Shared Values

3.3 Build a Vision for Change

3.4 Collation of the Willing

3.5 Hair-on-Fire

3.6 Find a Wave of Change

3.7 Recap

3.8 Engagement Quiz


Module 4 – Innovation

4.1 Innovation at the Funky Fringes

4.2 Not All Innovation is Equal

4.3 Handling Innovation Risk

4.4 Answer Strategic Questions

4.5 Recap

4.6 Innovation Quiz


Module 5 – Emerging Technology

5.0 Introduction to Emerging Tech (Focus on AI)

5.1 What Are Emerging Technologies?

5.2 What is Artificial Intelligence?

5.3 Why AI, Why Now?

5.4 Practical – Make a Machine Learning Model

5.5 ChatGPT and Recap

5.6 Emerging Technology Quiz


Module 6 – Data & Analytics

6.1 Case Study Background

6.2 Strategy Qual & Quant

6.3 Strategy

6.4 Ambition and UVP

6.5 Data, Tools and Customers

6.6 The Outcome

6.7 Data Quiz


Funding Eligibility

Applicants must be working in a private or commercial semi-state organisation registered in the Republic of Ireland(Business, Consultant, Freelancer) to avail of the grant-aided fees. As a government-funded training network, we can only support those meeting these criteria.


Academic Eligibility

No requirements.



Student fee: Free*
*Funded places only available to eligible applicants.


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Digital Linchpin with Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet

Abstract background