Certificate in Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

  • Application Deadline:
    3rd September 2024
  • Start Date:
    24th September 2024
  • Duration:
    12 weeks part-time
  • Delivery:
  • Subsidised Fees:

Certificate in Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

Want to develop your career in AI, but need the introductory skills and knowledge? Your journey starts here.

In today’s business landscape, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) has become imperative for sustained success. Almost all industries are witnessing a transformative shift towards AI-driven solutions, redefining operational paradigms and enhancing productivity. The demand for proficient AI practitioners is only on the rise.

Working in partnership with TU Dublin, Krisolis, and the Women in AI Ireland Chapter, we have developed the 12-week online Certificate in Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (Level 8 NFQ – 10 ECTS) as a direct response to this challenge.

AI can enhance operational efficiency, and those who are knowledgeable in this area can identify opportunities to streamline processes and increase productivity. The course provides a comprehensive curriculum designed by industry experts, helping you to acquire a competitive edge in harnessing AI’s potential for your business.


Who is this course for? 

This course is uniquely designed for anyone who wants to understand the foundations of artificial intelligence and its respective technologies but who do not necessarily have a background in AI or a related area. It provides students with the fundamental skills and knowledge required to start a career in artificial intelligence, pursue higher education, or gain advanced insights that complement their current role.

Suitable course candidates include:

  • Professionals looking to enhance their current roles through AI upskilling.
  • Leaders striving to acquire the skills necessary for effective team management and communication in AI contexts.
  • Individuals contemplating a transition into AI roles or higher education.
  • Recent graduates from different fields interested in integrating AI knowledge to complement their expertise.
  • Returnees to the workforce after a career break, aiming to acquire up-to-date AI skills.



The course will run over 12 weeks, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6.30pm to 9.00pm as a live classroom event. The course material will include video recordings as well as readings, exercises, and assignments.

This course provides one-to-one mentoring to guarantee that you derive maximum benefits from your learning journey. You will have the chance to receive guidance from a knowledgeable mentor who will assist you during the course.

Course partner Krisolis will be responsible for the delivery of the programme, including classes, mentoring and marking of final assessments.


Content for the Certificate in Foundations of Artificial Intelligence is delivered across the following classes:

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: We’ll explore what AI is, its component parts, applications, and use cases.
  • The Mathematical Foundations of AI: This section will introduce the underlying mathematical foundations that underpin decision making and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Using an Agile Framework and Designing and Architecting AI Solutions: Following an overview of the CRISP-DM and Agile methodologies, we will explore how these methodologies can be leveraged to create an Agile Framework for running AI projects.
  • Ethical Practice in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Analytics: We will examine the social, legal, and ethical issues relevant to the design and development of Artificial Intelligence solutions.
  • AI Tools and Ecosystems: In AI things are always changing. We’ll look at some of the current and emerging AI toolsets and ecosystems.
  • Data Visualisation: We’ll cover the fundamentals of data visualisation needed to create compelling visualisations from data, along with the practical skills to do this.
  • Programming with Python: The Python language is one of the most powerful and flexible tools in the AI toolkit. This section introduces Python programming and how to use it to perform data manipulation and data analysis tasks.


Capstone Project

Students have the option to select their capstone project from a group of sample projects or create their own on any subject.

The capstone project topic will be determined by the student halfway through the course. Mentoring sessions will be arranged to aid in project development. The project, along with personal reflections, will be completed and submitted at the end of the course.


This course serves as a stepping stone to further education and career progression. At the end of this 12-week course, you will have gained a thorough understanding of the foundations of artificial intelligence and be ready to further your AI journey.


Upon successful completion, you will be able to

  • Describe what artificial intelligence is and outline the component parts of the domain.
  • Design and validate use cases for applying artificial intelligence to create effective solutions.
  • Curate, organise and analyse data for artificial intelligence projects.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of artificial intelligence through research and the documentation of AI finding
  • Explain the importance and considerations of ethics and social justice in designing and developing artificial intelligence solutions



What our students say

“Before taking this course, I took some other online courses, and this is definitely not like that. You’re not going to sit in front of your computer or laptop watching a video. There will be live interaction, there will be one-on-one mentoring sessions, there will be assignments, workshops and teamwork. All of this in particular was important for me. You will get the high standards that you would expect from higher education.”

“I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to get a solid understanding of AI and perhaps pursue or enhance a career in the field of AI.”

“Overall the course is fantastic and would certainly recommend it to anyone.”

“The variety of topics that were covered during the course were all relevant and provided a good insight into how AI needs to be understood and basics needs to be learnt.”

“The practical real-life examples that were used helped me understand the theory much easier and the engaging style of the presenters.”

“Getting a conceptual understanding of what exactly AI is. Getting practical experience with different AI tools.”

“Data quality and governance, Project management and understanding of AI and its current uses, the use of python for data analysis and prediction.”

“The tutors delivered the training with enthusiasm and encouraged participation.”

“An awareness of Al, technical methods and machine learning.”

“The practical introduction to Python.”

The practical work near the end for prediction models, data prep, model evaluation.


Academic Eligibility

Applicants need to possess a Level 8 (NFQ) Primary Degree, ideally but not necessarily, in a cognitive discipline and will be expected to have an appreciable level of quantitative aptitude. Applicants with relevant IT-work experience and IT-oriented Level-7 qualifications can apply to be considered for application. These applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

For candidates who do not meet this minimum entry requirement, TU Dublin operates a Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning (RPEL) scheme whereby applicants may be considered based on relevant work or other experiences. Please note TU Dublin is the sole arbitrator on who is accepted on the course. Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet only assesses your eligibility for funding.

For applicants whose first language is not English, please note the English language entry requirements.



Full Course fee: €1,259
Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet grant: €364
Subsidised course fee: €895*

Subsidised fees are only available to eligible applicants*.


*Funding Eligibility

Applicants must be working in a private or commercial semi-state organisation registered in the Republic of Ireland (Business, Consultant, Freelancer) to avail of the grant-aided fees. As a government-funded training network, we can only support those meeting these criteria.

Applicants who do not meet our funding criteria may be able to apply directly to Krisolis and pay the full course fee of €1,259 if there are available places.


Once you have received your offer of a place on the course, please be aware that we have a limited number of subsidised places available. Due to high demand, we cannot hold places without payment. To ensure fairness, priority for these places will be granted to those who have both completed full payment of the subsidised fee and are deemed eligible by the college or training provider.


Click on the Apply Now button on this page and ensure to attach your up-to-date CV so you can be assessed for funding eligibility.

Alternatively, email info@ictskillnet.ie with the below information:

  • Subject line “CPD Certificate in Foundations of AI”
  • Information of your current employer
  • Information of current highest NFQ level obtained
  • Attach your CV


Once approved for funding, applicants will be directed to TU Dublin for their official college application where their academic eligibility will be assessed.

TU Dublin is the final arbitrator on who is accepted onto the course.

Please note: Due to the high levels of interest this course will close once capacity is reached.



Krisolis is a leading consultancy firm specialising in data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions. With a strong focus on innovation and a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies, Krisolis empowers organis- ations to harness the full potential of their data. Their team of experts combines extensive industry experience with a passion for driving actionable insights and strategic value.


TU Dublin

TU Dublin is Ireland’s 1st Technological University. As such, its education programmes concentrate on the real-world practice of technology. TU Dublin’s Faculty of Computing, Digital and Data is a leading provider of high-level ICT programmes in a wide range of technology areas, including software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.


Women in AI

The Women in AI Ireland Chapter is a vibrant community dedicated to promoting gender diversity and inclusivity within the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Composed of passionate professionals and enthusiasts, the chapter actively supports and empowers women in various AI-related disciplines.


View our information webinar to discover everything you need to know about the course!



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